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Guide:Username, email and password in

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Guide:Username, email and password in

Unread postby Admin » Wed Feb 24, 2016 7:49 am

Hi All,

We have noticed that many are failing to login to the forum due to either you have Forgot/don't know their username /password/email address registered with

Here is a simple guide to know about your username, email address and how to reset your password.

1. The email address which you have registered with is the same which you are getting the notification/emails from the forum.

2. When you receives a notification/email from the email starts with Hello xxxxxx,
The xxxxx part is your username with

3. Now you know your email and username with

4. If you have forgotten your password you can simply reset the same by visiting the "I forgot my password" page which is under the login page. ucp.php?mode=sendpassword

5.Once you get the new password to your email please note the same and login to the forum with your username and new default password.

6. After successfully login to the forum please click the small down arrow button near to username control panel in the top right of the forum


7. You can then click on the Usercontrol panel to access your profile settings


8. Now click the "profile" tab and then click the "Edit account settings" to change the password

profile tab.png

edit account.png

please input your choice of password in the "new password" and "confirm password" column and the default password which is received through email at the last column and then submit to save the same.

9. Now you can login to the forum with your own set password.


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